Former GFA Vice Capo and Presidential Aspirant for the 2019 GFA presidential race, George Afriyie says the yet to be elected new Administration of the Ghana Football Association can only thrive if they’re transparent.

The Chairman of Okyeman planners told the media at his manifesto launch in Sunyani that the former Administration which was headed by ex-president Kwasi Nyantkyi was tagged as one that embezzled funds and believes, they have lost the support of the Public and therefore there’s a need for his administration if voted into office to be as transparent as they can to have the faith of the Public.

“First of all, we have outlined a lot of measures in our manifesto,” he said

“There’s should be complete audit and there should be compliance. For instance, if you make known the details of a contract signed to everyone, no one will accuse anyone of embezzlement of funds,” he stressed

He continued “So we have to be transparent because we need the public’s confidence and to achieve that, we have to come clear in most of our dealings. Yes, we agreed that certain contracts come with exclusivity clauses but it will be better for us to explain certain portions to the Public.”

The former Black Stars committee chairman further stressed the need to involve the media to avoid concealing what details of contracts which became synonymous with the ex-administration.

“However, If we can achieve this, then we’ll need the media because of the constant bashing with ‘Sikade3’ swindling, It was the Media who also propagated those messages. And if we are to engage the media and open our doors to them in terms of our budgets, I don’t think they’ll talk about swindling, therefore we need to be transparent as much as possible.” He concluded.

Credit: Stephen Boadi


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