VIDEO: How Ohemaa Woyeje ‘seized’ Accra with her first show on Angel FM


Accra, the vibrant capital of Ghana came to a standstill with all radios tuned in to one station, Angel 102.9fm when she cleared her throats on air.

“Yes, she is finally at Angel, Ohemaa Woyeje as she is affectionately called by her fans is finally at Angel FM…,” General Manager of Angel 102.9FM, Accra, Kwadwo Dickson announced as he unveiled the mid-morning ‘galactico’.

“Yes, I am here…,” she replied with her voice quaking on several radios and online platforms that had tuned in to hear the voice of the lady who took mid-morning shows to a whole different level in the capital.

The multilingual broadcaster displayed to expectant listeners how prepared she is to take over radio once more.

Her first radio show after close to a year absence was what everyone was waiting to listen to. And she indeed displayed that she is still the Queen of mid-morning.

Below is a full video of Ohemaa Woyeje’s first show at Angel FM:

Source: Ghana | | KWAKU NTI



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