Breaking: Two soldiers arrested in connection with coup plot sent to court


The two military personnel who were arrested in connection with the alleged plot to destabilise the country have been arraigned before court, can report.

The two were arraigned at the Kaneshie Magistrate Court in Accra where they are facing charges of attempting to stage a coup in the country.

They were part of the five who were arrested in connection with the plot to destabilise the country.

According to Angel News’ Maame Afia Duker, the two whose names were given as Col Samuel Kodzo Gameli and Gershong Akpah were handcuffed and brought to the court.

Three others who are believed to be the ring leaders were arraigned early this week and remanded into BNI custody.

They are Dr Frederick Yao Mac-Palm, a local weapon manufacturer Dornyah “Ezor” Kafui and freight manager, Bright Allan Debrah Ofosu aka BB or ADC. They all denied the accusations.

They were charged with the following:

1. Conspiracy to commit a crime – Manufacture of arms and ammunition without lawful authority.

2. Conspiracy to commit a crime – Possession of explosives and firearms without lawful authority. 

3. Manufacture of firearms without lawful authority.

4. Manufacture of explosives and ammunition’s without lawful authority 

5. Possession of explosives and firearms.

More to follow


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