Alajo ‘Coup Doctor’ not in good standing – GMA


The President of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has revealed that the medical doctor who was arrested with two others for allegedly plotting to destabilise the country is a member of the Association.

According to Dr Frank Ankobia, Dr. Frederick Yao Mac-Palm who is also the owner of Citadel Hospital in Alajo is not a member in good standing.

He told Accra-based Citi FM as monitored by that Dr Mac-Palm has not paid his dues since 2014 when he joined the association.

“He registered with the Ghana Medical Association in I think, May 2014, so we had his name in our records. That was the first time he registered with us. But truth be told, since that he’s not actually performed his duties, for instance he’s not paid his dues since then, so he is not in good standing. He’s not been to the office, he’s not been to any of our association’s meetings…,” he said.

Dr Mac-Palm and two others, Mr. Ezor Kafui (a local weapon manufacturer) and Mr. Bright Allan Debrah Ofosu (aka BB or ADC) were arrested last weekend for alleging plotting to destabilise the country.

They have since been sent to court, charged and remanded into BNI custody.

Dr Ankobia further called on members of the public to let the law take its course arguing that the GMA will later deal with his standing with the Association after the court process.

“The man has been arrested, he’s been sent to court, let’s see what happens in the court. If the court say the allegations are not true and for that matter, he must be freed, so be it, in that case, we don’t have an issue here. All I know is that for now, he’s not a member in good standing…,” he said.

Source: Ghana | | KWAKU NTI


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