Allow the security investigate the alleged coup plotters – Security analyst to Gov’t


A Security Analyst and Head of programs for African Center for Security and Counter Terrorism, Ibrahim Sulley has suggested that, the alleged coup plot should be resolved in the security lines.

Ibrahim Sulley noted that considering the alleged evidence gathered during the arrest of the said persons, serious approach must be used to tackle this issue per the studies of Ghana.

A joint security operation on Friday, according to the government, led to the retrieval of several arms, explosive devices and ammunition from locations in Accra and Kpone Bawaleshie in Dodowa.

Ibrahim Sulley reacting to the development in an interview on Angel News, said the Military service must come out with clarifications.

“It is a serious case to over throw a government of a country in this time per the studies of Ghana and we should have a serious approach to this issue, at a point we need to make it stay at a point of security, so that the government does not involve in it. So much of politicians must not come in as the issues will run away from the security lines…so that the issue will be sorted so well”, he said.

Mr. Sulley further added that the information revealed by the military, raises a lot of issues.

The issues, he said, needs further details and clarification as the incident that occurred has created a lot of implications on Ghana’s image on the international stage.

“A lot of institutions like Korle Bu, Laboma Area and Next Door and all those things, and persons have been involved and the pictures on social media has raised a lot of questions. I believe at this moment we all need to exercise patience for them to come out with more information because it has a lot of implication on Ghana’s image at the international stage because Ghana is the big democracy that the whole world believes in,” he stressed.

He added that, the issue should be dealt by the security without the government’s interference.

Source: Ghana | | Abigail Abekah Fynn


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