“Annoying” Bawumia has no right to question Mahama on Free SHS – Alhaji Sani


A Leading member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alhaji Mohammed Saani Snr has described the Vice President, Dr Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia as “a nauseating and annoying” individual who has no locus to question former President John Mahama on any issue.

Speaking on Angel In The Morning today, he said the Vice President is not a person who must even think of commenting on issues of national concern, let alone to question Mr Mahama, because all his promises and “book long economics” are flawed.

“The most annoying person in the whole Free SHS debate is Bawumia; he nauseates me more than Nana Akufo Addo. Who is he to demand an alternative from John Mahama and why does he think the NDC is obliged to disclose our alternative to the Double Track System; he should just shut up”, he fumed.

His comments come on the back of a challenged thrown by the Veep to the NDC flag bearer to provide details on how he intends to make the free SHS policy better as he claims.

Reacting to comments by Mr. Mahama that he will make the policy more beneficial to students if he wins the 2020 elections, the Vice President has said the NDC flag bearer has no clue what he will do with the policy if he wins power.

“And I throw that challenge to him, he should come out and tell us exactly what he would do. The visionary Nana said he would do and he has done it. He has not told what he will do because he I know he doesn’t know what he would do. He has no clue what he will do and that is the simple answer. I am hundred percent sure that if John Mahama was in office today, we wouldn’t have Free SHS,” he said.

But the former Ashanti Regional First Vice Chairman of the NDC, Alhaji Saani Snr, told Kwame Tanko that, his party would not be compelled to disclose the details of their plans before hand, but assured that the NDC has a comprehensive plan to make the Free SHS better should it come back to power.

“We have a very comprehensive alternative, which John would communicate to all Ghanaians in due course; but for now it would be abortive to lay our strategy bare to our opponents”, he said, insisting that “neither the New Patriotic Party (NPP) nor the NDC can lay claim to the Free SHS policy because it is a constitutional requirement for which a president could be impeached if it is tampered with”.


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