Music producer Hammer says dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale overrode the norm of becoming a star in Ghana’s music space.

According to him, it was absurd how Shatta Wale was doing more than three songs in a week when he stepped back into the music space after a long hiatus.

Hammer explained on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, monitored by, that the norm for musicians then was to release a song, wait for about two months and finally release the music video to keep the song in the system, but Shatta Wale never towed that line.

“I admire Shatta Wale a lot. Wale defied all the rules and did something that up till now it’s so strange. When we were coming up we knew marketing wise it’s about releasing a video and wait for a month for another song. He came and broke all those rules with releases. Three to four songs a week and made hits among them,” he said.

According to Hammer, musicians like Shatta Wale should be celebrated to motivate others.

“He is one person who broke the rules. He released four songs a week for six months. They’ve done things that we as veterans never thought possible,” Hammer said.


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